Interitech Sdn Bhd was established in July 2001 by a group of innovation-minded entrepreneurs who are involved in the field of high technology. We are a global IT company delivering services, solutions and products to enterprises worldwide. Our service offerings combine technology, the best practices and accountability norms of the US, Europe & Asia with the best-of-breed IT professionals and resource scalability of India. Our delivery is backed by state-of-the-art development centres in Malaysia, Singapore & India. We thrive on delivering managed services and solutions by intelligent application of current and emerging technologies.

Nature of Business

We are a global IT company delivering services, solutions and products to enterprises worldwide. With a team of total 100+ best-of-breed professionals, we have built a robust and profitable practice. Our experience and expertise in executing software development projects is a complementary mix of project management, business process analysis and enterprise class technology. Founded in 2001 in Malaysia, we are now in Singapore & India today; we serve our customers from our global office locations and state-of-the-art development centres in India and across the Globe.

Value proposition – Silicon Valley quality with India’s Price/Performance

We deliver a unique value proposition by leveraging from our access to India’s best-of-breed professionals and scalability of technical resources, our strong presence in the Europe, Asia, and India with deep industry experience and proven methodologies. Our customers benefit from Silicon Valley quality of our deliverables and India’s price/performance advantage.

Enterprise class Experience

We have deep experience in delivering enterprise class solutions. Beginning with building Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) solutions for platforms of yesteryears like Tandem/Guardian and IBM/MVS, we now build similar robust enterprise class solutions with today’s platforms such as IBM/Web Sphere and Microsoft/.NET or using all components of Java. This rich experience in enterprise computing gives us the unique advantage of understanding enterprise’s legacy applications and architecting solutions with today’s technologies. Solutions that are robust, scalable and fault tolerant – the quintessential elements of enterprise computing.

Robust on-time delivery infrastructure

We pride in the fact that our deliverables always exceed our customers’ expectations of quality and on-time performance. We accomplish this by our wDP™ Methodology – our proprietary framework for rapid applications development, the best practices and optimal software engineering. In addition, our deep partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers hone our technology expertise at implementing world-class solutions. We have delivery infrastructure in the Europe, Asia and India to deliver on-site, off-site and Dual Shore development services.


As a leading Global IT company, generate high value for all our stakeholders – clients, employees and partners - by :
Creating total customer satisfaction through best-in-class offerings
Employing the best practices and the best-of-breed professionals
Continuously innovating our services and technology


We believe in having a value structure that is practiced with everyone - our team, our customers, and our partners. Our value structure stands upon the four key values of Fairness, Trust, Transparency, and Consistency. These are our values that can never be compromised.

Live by Carabineer – Sharing the risk & rewards

The Carabineer is our corporate mascot. We adopted the carabineer for a specific reason: In order to share risk with our clients. Carabineers are devices used by mountain climbers to link themselves to ropes and to each other, and that is precisely how we view our relationship with our client partners. We are committed to setting the ropes jointly as a strategic path for success, and we are committed to linking ourselves to you in our projects, so that we share the risk and rewards with you.

Client service is a privilege and an honour

We firmly believe that client service is both a privilege and an honour. Every Interitech employee holds clients’ interests first—above our personal and corporate interests. While this often makes us seem like Scouts, we believe that your trust is a valued commodity, a treasure even, and we work to earn and keep it.

Deliver results

The way in which we strive to win your trust is by delivering results. We continuously work towards meeting and exceeding your expectations. Empowerment is one of the key steps in our proprietary wDP™ methodology. It ensures that you take full ownership of the project and the IP generated after its completion.

Our secret formula:

Success = Values + Teamwork + Excellence


Teamwork stands for participation, open work culture and empowered employees. We have built a work culture that thrives on open communications, innovation, creativity, collaboration and pride in our work. We are an employee-empowered organization. Each individual is empowered to share the task of building the organization and enjoy the rewards.


Excellence in everything that we do and who we are. It begins with the competence of our people. We hire the best of breed professionals and upgrade their skills set on a continuing basis. This includes training, knowledge sharing and working out a career path for all the team members.


AXALTO (Singapore, Malaysia & India)
DATACARD-IDT (Europe & Malaysia)
CIM (Italy)
KORVAC (M) SDN BHD (Malaysia)
GETRONICS MALAYSIA (Malaysia & Indonesia)
DURACHEM GROUP(Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Maxico)

Staff Strengths

Interitech consists of good academia and highly trained professionals. The team is committed to providing outstanding support for all smart card technology solutions. Their experiences and trainings across the space of careers had exceeded more than 20-years.

They have not allowed their paper qualifications to supersede their work judgment and ever to listen and ever to learn to explore more positive options. These service specialists are doers and providing support both in hardware and software covering professional services in smart card planning and consulting, integration and customization, card issuance, program management, implementation planning, onsite installation, software support and the training.

Our service specialists talk straight and believes in engineering cost effective system extend beyond traditional hardware services to provide turnkey options, performance and reliability into every-matched supply item. They believe in simplicity of trust and in integrity.

On-Site Staffing

Interitech has provided 32 resources to Cmango of USA. These resources are located with Standard Chartered Bank of UK, Singapore & Malaysia to enable Cmango to deliver its banking solution. Contract was completed after 2 years of service. Apart from this, Interitech also placed capable candidates to UK, France, Switzerland, Dublin, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea & India for various customized projects as per need basis.
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